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About Remita

1. "Remita is a Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) licensed e-payment platform that makes it very EASY for all types of organizations (Big or small, private or public, profit oriented or NGO, etc.) and individuals RECEIVE and MAKE PAYMENT without any stress."

2. When the software agreement was reached, whoever signed on behalf of the FG didn't envisage over N1 Trillion collection, which could give rise to so much commission, even at 1%.

3. The FG is aware of the situation and has accordingly asked Remita-Systemspec to return the N25b it has "legitimately" earned pending when a revised agreement can be signed after the on-going inquest.

4. I'm not quite sure it doesn't amount to bullying or intimidation or both to unilaterally cancel a deal that has been jointly struck. I mean, Remita-Systemspec can challenge, but may be they won't considering the current atmosphere.

5. Those pointing fingers at PMB or APC or this South-west political leader or that Northern governor, especially our wailing brothers, should please take a chill-pill. After all, the TSA was one of the moribund brainchildren of GEJ's government.

6. The Senate should urgently get to the root of the matter, which seems like it's going to quickly test the seriousness of both the Senate and the Presidency regarding their commitment to prudence and the fight against corruption.

7. I hope this will not end like Tai Solarin's famous, or infamous, Ebony Magazine story. I expect the CBN to address the matter expeditiously to dispel the rumors and put the matter in proper perspective.
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