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Just overheard a young man telling his apparently naive friend how he paid his "Academic Adviser" N40k to write his final year project for him.

When his shocked and incredulous friend asked him how, he laughed derisively saying it is like the guy (meaning the lecturer) has a factory where he churns out projects. "You only have to pay the N40k in one installment and the rest is history, as they say. He writes for the whole class. Well, almost the whole, not the whole. The guy eh? Hian!"

Pressed further about how many of such projects the lecturer can produce, he responded (laughing): "guy, it depends O. The man can do as many as possible. The money is the issue. Once you pay him, that's it. Consider it done."

"And what of the selection and approval of topic, approval of outline and all the chapters," his friend asked.

"Omo forget that thing. I've told you that all it takes is N40k. QED. He wrote all my Term Papers and assignments. I just sort the pally. Period. I don't have time."

And you're still wondering why someone with a second class upper division can't write an application or compete a sentence without a grammatical no-no!

I asked one pretty young woman he name of the book she was currently reading and she quickly said the Holy Bible. That was dumb, but even so, I pushed her to tell me the part of the Bible she was at, she started smiling and scratching her head. Phew!

When I interview some candidates during recruitment, I feel like bringing a koboko to flog some sense into them. I was tempted once, thank God I didn't succumb, to call in the police to arrest one young man, who could not tell the comparative and superlative of the word "hungry". With a 2:1????

Now I know.
Adonbelivit!!! Adonbelivit!!! Reviewed by Emeka Oparah on Friday, November 27, 2015 Rating: 5

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