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Buhari, women and handshakes

The Wailing Industry, unbeknownst to so many, now has an industry sub-sector, more viscous and extremely active, known as Lying Wailers. And like in the main industry, all they do is WAILING, disseminating mendacious, if not toxic and ludicrous materials, especially against the good name of their nemeses, PMB and the APC.

They have manufactured a new one-jobless people! They say the old man doesn't shake hands with women, as if it matters so very much or it can change the price of Catfish aka Point-and-Kill on Nza Street, Enugu.

 Well, I guess Ms. Onyeka Onwenu and these other women pictured with PMB are now men. LWKMD.

And by the way, in British etiquette, which is the gold standard, it is improper, and is actually considered rude and poor breeding, for a man to seek a handshake with a lady; she must first offer her hand or you forget about it. Period.

So, hello wailers! Lying Wailers, I beg your pardon.

(***I wanted to add, for impact and good measure, that in not-so-contemporary Igbo mythology, perhaps it's still practiced by some, men, and by men I mean real men, not the uninitiated,are not supposed to shake hands with women to avoid losing powers considering the uncertainty associated, typically, with the "state of grace" of the latter, if you get my meaning, which, rightly or wrongly, can potentially neutralize Odeshi and other charms such men carried on them.)
Buhari, women and handshakes Buhari, women and handshakes Reviewed by Emeka Oparah on Friday, November 27, 2015 Rating: 5

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