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Homecoming: TN, UNN and Nsukka

I spent most of yesterday, Sunday, in Nsukka, the university town. Wow! I haven't been there in 8 years or so. and as always, the "homecoming" evoked feelings of nostalgia of a life lived at full crush 25 years ago. That town was good to me. I can't forget it. QED.

 I took time to visit some important places in and around the campus, and, most rewardingly, paid a courtesy visit to one of my teacher, T.N. OGBODO (T for Titus), who taught me Public Relations and Magazine Writing at the Jackson School of Journalism.

There's so much to write about this visit, but that will be some other time. I particularly cherish the time I spent in Odenigbo, with TN and his family. Now old and retired, he told me my visit brought him extra vigor and more reason to live, because it felt really good to see one's students come back to say hello or say thank you or indeed say both.

TN was one lecturer who was remarkable in his relationship with students, particularly bright ones (hint, hint). Very unassuming, even in old age, the moment he discovered that "i maara ezigbo ihe ", that's it. The moment he saw me in his office, which he shared with Dr. Charles Okigbo (my Academic Adviser), he took to me. I can't forget the times I spent with him including going into town on a couple of occasions to drink "Nkwu ocha" (palm wine) and eat peppered goat meat. On the second occasion, he actually came to my hostel to take me out. I was barely 21 then, you know, and we spent the time discussing my family, my future plans and my performance in class. Humbling.

The last time I met Mr. Ogbodo was 2007, when he and his lovely wife attended a Thanksgiving Mass organized by one of my younger brothers, who was a priest serving in the Spiritan Institute of Philosophy, Isienu, Nsukka. So, it was really really nice to see him again, after a long time of only talking to him on phone.

My parents were teachers and so I witnessed their joy and happiness if (and when) their former students came calling. I must hasten to add that it is not necessarily about the gifts they are given, but the thought of coming back to visit them. Try it; it will make you feel good too.

***I was very embarrassed and disappointed to see that Balewa Hostel, where one of my babes lived was so badly run down. That night in 1990, when the campus was shattered by a deadly fracas by cultists, I kicked in the entrance door of Balewa Hall, pushed my babe inside before I vanished into the night (a story for another day).
Homecoming: TN, UNN and Nsukka Homecoming: TN, UNN and Nsukka Reviewed by Emeka Oparah on Friday, November 27, 2015 Rating: 5

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