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Industry ko, factory ni.

Editor: Oga Emeka sorry O! I was on a long call.

Me: Sorry ke? Abeg, you can drop and continue the call...

Editor: You're very funny...

Me: As how? Hian! This man, you don't know that the more you talk the more my salary is guaranteed.

Editor: Lol. Yes, boss. I was making a long international call...

Me: Editor, please stop explaining. I noticed you were on a call, and knowing you're my customer, I quickly dropped so you can see your call to an end, and then talk to me. I didn't have an emergency, my brother.

Editor: Igbo sense!

Me: Yes ke! So long as people are making calls in this country, Bros my family is guaranteed rice and beans and noodles. Gba be O!

Editor: So what's the latest in the industry?

Me: Which of the industries?

Editor: Telecommunications, bros.

Me: Nothing mega. Nothing mega, my brother. I thought you were referring to the Wailing Industry...!

Editor: You, this man sef! You too like trouble.

Me: Nooooo! It's not that I really like trouble, but these Jonathanians have not learnt anything on how to be in the opposition. Imagine the Remita debacle!

Editor: Brossssss! They will learn after they embarrass themselves like Tai Solarin again and again. Eh...em..Bros, a call is coming in. Can I...?

Me: Please take your call, man. Pe mi pada!

Crazy man...he was looking for news. Industry ko, factory ni.

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