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Intellectually Lazy? Me?

Finally, I have been dressed in the most unflattering and reprehensible garb ever.

A certain Laurence Ani, a journalist, I think, and a friend, I thought, nicodemuously (in the dead of night, that is) described me, Emeka Oparah, son of a teacher, a confirmed Okunrinmeta, nay Okunrinmejila, as "intellectually lazy". I mean amushirim ike, yes, I was born strong (not what you think, even if, why not!) and my father should be held posthumously responsible for that singular feat.

Well all I can say is: Shut up there, Laurence!

My English is bigger and better than yours, Larry. I write better and more productively than you. I have more money than you, after all I work in Airtel, mind you, after working for Cadbury (and I'm a practicing tailor, on the side, by the way).

And you? Well, you work in Daily Telegraph (for Orji Kalu) after working in Thisday (for Nduka Obaigbena). Yes!!!So, let's post our BVN here (in the miraculous event that you have any) for independent confirmation of our sovereign wealth status. WTF!

I wear size 45 shoes, and if that doesn't tell you anything, then you don't know nothing about the theory which says the size of a man's foot is directly proportional to the physical integrity of his equipment.

I have just shown you 3 of my 32 teeth. Just say one more thing and I will...! For now, I'm not responding in kind, because you're intellectually lazier (Ntoor!!!)

Just in case you start wondering why I'm drawing blood from an otherwise an harmless Bro, Laurence, then ask him why he thinks that Femi Adesina and I, my humble self, are in the business of dissing people who disagree with our views about PMB.

See me, see trouble O! Do I look like a Senior Special Adviser- Media and Publicity (should be either media or publicity, actually).

Mind yourself O, Laurence, but do have a happy Sunday-in all of this.
Intellectually Lazy? Me? Intellectually Lazy? Me? Reviewed by Emeka Oparah on Friday, November 27, 2015 Rating: 5

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