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Ndigbo, obu gini? (What's the matter?)

I'm actually very angry now. For 16 years, the South East was under the vice-grip of the ruling People' Democratic Party (PDP). Even Peter Obi's Anambra was APGA in name only but PDP indeed. The region had a surfeit of Federal appointments, especially under the last administration.

Now, what the hell is the hue and cry over poor Federal infrastructure and all the claptrap about marginalization? 

If anybody marginalized us, it would be our dear "son", Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan, and the other sons and daughters, who went to Abuja to take care of themselves and their children and children's children-and then took us for fools.

We have almost always voted en bloc for PDP and I heard some joker, a certified comedian, say recently that we, meaning Ndigbo, will vote the same way again. Just imagine the nincompoopism!

Igbos have been promised heaven and earth, and all manner of statistics of doubtful authenticity spewed at us by our own people in respect of Federal Presence and what have you. Anyone who hadn't been to the South East before the last Presidential election could believe the lies manufactured by the FG and sold to Ndigbo, using Igbos, more often than not. And now we are crying over marginalization and poor infrastructure.

We have very prominent and well-heeled, as in extremely wealthy, Igbo men and women-who are nothing but egocentric. The few of them live in absolute splendor while the rest of us languish in abject poverty. Even the businessmen among them build their factories and offices outside of the South East, save for a negligible few.

Yet some guys, who collectively pocket over 2.5 unaccounted billion naira monthly as security vote, are making noise about poor state of infrastructure and actually mentioning the word marginalization. What of the monthly allocations they share in Abuja?

Oh dear! It would seem to me, and I'm sure to any discerning, objective person, that Ndigbo are losing it, and I'm concerned that the real elders are keeping quiet or are kept quiet or both. The sooner we start looking for where the rain started beating us, the better for us.

I've continued to say that most of ihe n'eme anyi si anyi n'aka, but for an insignificant few, which can be attributed to Igboskepticism or Igbophobia, as the case may be. How long will this rubbish continue? And some misguided elements are disturbing my peace with chants of Biafra. Do they even know what Biafra means or stands for? Do they ever think of the great Ikemba Nnewi and what he would have made of their current agitation, had he still been on this earthly plane?

The mass action going on in the South East is clearly misdirected, and will yield little dividend, if at all. Jokes apart, I'm sick and tired of all this nonsense happening na ala amu nnam. Seriously, at what point did a race that had The Great Zik of Africa, K.O. Mbadiwe, RBK Okafor, C.C. Onoh, Mokwugo Okoye, Kenneth Dike, Arthur Nwankwo, Alex Ekwueme, S.G. Ikoku, and several other people end up like this?

Haba! What is this sef???
Ndigbo, obu gini? (What's the matter?) Ndigbo, obu gini? (What's the matter?) Reviewed by Emeka Oparah on Friday, November 27, 2015 Rating: 5

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