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Okunrin Meta!!!

Someone calls me by that monicker, but I most humbly did some soul-searching yesterday, regarding the merit or lack it of that powerful alias, after Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola had it minted into a fitting title for him and himself alone.
Mr. Babatunde Fashola, Minister of Power, Works and Housing
He was asked, by the one and only inimitable PMB, to take on the management of Power, Works and Housing. Only him!!! To say this is a vote of confidence on his capabilities is to state the obvious. He now wears three crowns, no apologies to the folks who make evaporated milk somewhere in the greater Ikeja business district.

See, I have never been "pushed" to say I want to be like anyone else, but this gentleman, BRF, has now inspired me to the extent that I can actually say I want to be like him-among so many others I have always wanted to be like.

I'm confident Fashola will succeed. He sure needs our prayers not only for success, but also to avoid the Samson Syndrome (I'm sending him a copy of that book by Mark Atteberry, ASAP). He will be up against several extremely powerful luciferous men and women, but hey isn't it said that one with God is majority?

If Fashola delivers, and I'm sure he will, then he would have etched already good name in solid 32-carat gold and who knows, by the grace of God, he could go on to higher duties for Nigeria.
By the way, he must not be tempted to right-click on and select only from his famous Lagos Team. His playing field now is Nigeria. Enough said.
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