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Late Abubakar Audu
Onweghionyemauchechukwu: Nobody Knows God's mind or Man proposes, God disposes.

There's no better way to illustrate the above statements than the reported passing of the APC candidate in the just concluded (?) Kogi State gubernatorial elections, Alhaji Abubakar Audu (May his soul rest in peace!).

This is not really about Audu, as you can very well imagine, and if you can not imagine, I then must say upfront it's not, but about us the living. Audu is dead and about to be buried, probably would be buried, by the time you read this, but the lesson is for me and you.

No one, absolutely no one, knows tomorrow. All we do is strut our stuff like actors on stage until the curtain is drawn, like it's been drawn on Audu, who, by the way, was coasting home to victory, and must have been planning an elaborate victory party to celebrate.

Quite a few must be smarting from the news of the sudden demise of the controversial politician, while quite a few will also be rejoicing (unfortunately) because one man's poison is, as they say, another's meat and vice versa.

Ok. What then is all the struggle, all the fight, all the grandstanding, all the gra-gra, when the ultimate silencer actually lurks in the corner? Now, it no longer matters whether Audu, a Prince in the way of humans, was indeed nursing an ailment or not. Well, he was stomping the campaign grounds up until Friday goaded by his APC colleagues and encouraged by his much younger delectable wife, who, alas, can actually see her First Lady ambition, go up in smokes and flame away.

Onweghionyemauchechukwu really. Nobody knows what God has in mind. So, we had better live our lives like today is our last. Make peace with man, and with God-most importantly. All our earthly acquisitions are going to be left behind, when we are interred. For a Muslim, it's going to be even more so for Audu, because he will be buried just wrapped in a while cloth without even the luxury of a casket. That is what his faith provides, or allows.

So, why do we get consumed in the quest for power and wealth? Why do we fight one another? The poor man possibly couldn't withstand the stress and strain of electioneering now, very much unlike his first coming, when he was much younger. See life!

A cynical friend said he must have died of Viagra overdone, a graceless reference to his supposed daily battle to keep up sexually with his much younger spouse.

Hell no! It mightn't be. It oughtn't be, ought it? It was time up for the Prince. We've been told by journalists, yes journalists, that he might have been nursing a terminal, or at least dangerous, ailment. Whichever be the case, he's gone and with that is his gubernatorial hope and ambition and those of his associates and followers.

Let us continue to pray for God's mercy upon Audu, and upon us the living, even as we make time, from our busy schedule, to check up on our health status. May sudden death not be our portion, in Jesus' mighty name. Amen!
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