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Pray for Paris...Pray also for Lagos

It's absolutely numbing, for lack of a more precise word, to wake up and behold the gruesome news coming out of Paris, France (there's no other Paris, in any case). My heart goes out to the people of that wonderful city. The souls of those killed must neither rest nor slumber until these murderers and those who must have sent them are apprehended, put to judgment, brought to justice.

The godless sons of a dog have again visited the beautiful city and her innocent people with deadly violence leaving a trail of blood, bodies, death, anguish and angst. How so sad!!!

Isn't it so shocking how monstrous humans can be and even more shocking how such a massive attack could happen simultaneously and successfully in a city, so sophisticated and so advanced, like Paris. And not a single leak, clue or intelligence.

This takes my mind to my own dear Lagos, which has managed to escape, by less than the skin of a tooth, violence of the t-kind. Twice in as many years very dangerous plans with omnibus and ominous consequences have been fortuitously foiled. Chai.

Imagine if the 3MB is bombed on a Monday morning or first or last Friday night, when the trail of traffic is punctuated only by car bumpers. Or any of the miracle-vending churches, either along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway or within the city that hardly sleeps, Lagos. Or Shoprite. Or Ikeja City Mall. Or Expo Hall at Eko Hotel. That will be unspeakable carnage, God forbid!!!

The mere thought of it gives me goosebumps, sudden palpitations and a renewed sense of foreboding, like one has whenever one's plane takes off-and I don't mean my plane to suggest a private jet.

Now, if what happened to Paris could happen to Paris, then we are practically sitting ducks in Lagos, the nonchalance, congestion, inefficiencies and carelessness all fully considered. Or what do you think? I'm not serious? Hmmm...!

I still marvel at the level of lack of fear among the people considering what's happening in the North East of Nigeria. I think the churches are the worst culprits. People are let in, and why not since they are coming to sow seeds, without security checks-even the most basic act of body scan. Church premises are jam-packed with cars and aimless folks, including peripatetic mendicants, who, for all I care, may be "masked" terrorists.

Vigilance! Vigilance! Vigilance! And intelligence. That's how we can forestall and foil terrors attacks, and avoid what happened in Paris last night. I hope, for the sake of safety and security, that for every suspected potential terrorist, in Lagos, there's a corresponding number of security officers taking care of thing and making sure Lagos doesn't end up like Paris.

We just have to change our ways, particularly in terms of paying closer attention to people and events around us and reporting uncertain or suspicious movements to the authorities. It actually requires no intelligence to provide intelligence.

May God continue to save us.
Pray for Paris...Pray also for Lagos Pray for Paris...Pray also for Lagos Reviewed by Emeka Oparah on Friday, November 27, 2015 Rating: 5

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