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The challenge of leadership in Igboland

Let me confess, even if it's not very necessary, that I'm not about to do a seminal deep-dive into the legendary issue of the propensity of Igbos (and that's the word, NOT Ibos!!!) not to acquiesce to elected or selected leadership, as in Igbo enweghi eze. No. I won't. Not today, at least.

The point I want to make, and I'll make it very quickly, is that with the addition of Chris Ngige, Anthony Anwuka, Ogbonnaya Onu, Okechukwu Enalamah and, new kid on the block, Geoffrey (pronounced Jeffrey), the headcount of potential Igbo political leadership has been boosted quantitatively and qualitatively. I actually removed Ibe Kachikwu and Rotimi Amaechi (those may be Ibos. *tongue out).

If you add these dudes to the five state governors and the members of NASS, there's a sufficient mass of important men and women we can actually invite for a quick meeting-on the future of Igbos and Igboland.

You see, because I'm one of those who believe that we, Igbos, I mean, have ourselves to blame, after all man, it has been said, is the architect of his own fortunes. So, we cannot continue to blame everyone else from everywhere else while ignoring (read absolving) our own sons and daughters when discussing the lack of development at home.

Rather than dissipate our energies on the doomed and wasteful venture of agitating for Biafra, a thought/idea that has long been perished-even by the originator, the late but great Ikemba Nnewi, Gen. Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, let's begin to take these folks to task. If we don't see any significant, even if not seismic, improvement in our circumstances soon, we shall start booing and stoning them with pure water (not stones, yet) when (and if) they visit home.

I believe the era of egocentric leadership is gone for good na ala Igbo. Ozugo!!! Those who are given government positions, juicy or dry, on account of their being indigenes of the geographical location known as Igboland, MUST be held to constant scrutiny and serious account.

This can be going on while Ogbako Igbo and Imo Bilie Initiative, two refreshing initiatives I belong to, are charting a new course for Imo State, for one, and Igboland as a whole.
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