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The World in 2016

Economic reform begins with a crackdown on corruption-PMB writes in The Economist Magazine.


"I know that millions of people in Nigeria are waiting to see signs of economic recovery and,most importantly,the chance for a job and the better life and self-respect that employment and a career can bring. I wish my administration could deliver this for each and every Nigerian overnight.

But no government anywhere in the world has ever been able to such transformation instantaneously. We look to examples such as Singapore, which has managed to achieve economic greatness despite having few natural resources beyond the ingenuity of its own people. It is possible for Nigeria, with its surfeit of natural resources to achieve same.

Yet, we also note that most nations that have achieved rapid economic growth in recent decades have one thing in common: they first addressed their breakdown in governance, cracked down on corruption and demonstrated to their own people and the world that to invest in that country is safe. That is where we also must begin.

Delivering on that promise to the people and to the world is already underway. It is the only way we can reach the economic greatness Nigerians deserve."
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