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What is this so called Security Vote?

I read somewhere yesterday that some governor addressed a press conference claiming, or saying, whatever, that they will be unable to pay the N18,000 National Minimum Wage.

My main worry isn't that N18,000 isn't up to $100, even if it is a worry, but the fact that these same Governors, most of them jokers, still collect N500m monthly as Security Vote. Yet, they have the temerity, the gumption, to disown the paltry N18,000 NMW. What a cheek!

So, my first question is, what do they really do with the Security Vote? The second question is, must they collect this security vote? And if the answer is yes, the third question, automatically, is, what are they securing?

The sad truth is that, as I'm told, this so called security vote is legal. The sadder point to note is that it is a well documented gossip, and there's always an element of truth in every gossip, that some, if not all, the governors powder away this N500m or more, as the case may be. That's is to say they steal the money. Period. And even saddest is that they do not have to account for it. Seriously?

Shouldn't there be a constitutional amendment to reject the principle and practice of Security Vote? Or, isn't it possible to make a law that will subject the SV to serious and detailed scrutiny?

I mean, these folks are busy haranguing about paucity of funds, and at the same time, they guzzle 500 inexplicable million naira and we just sit idly by and indulge them! Hell no!

This constitutionally endorsed brigandage must stop forthwith. Now, that is. Or what do you think?
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