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Who was the first man?

Since I'm in Enugu, and it is a Sunday, and I'm getting ready to go to Mass, I might as well get this old story out of the way :

A young woman, Innocentia, was attending a Marriage Catechism Class with her fiancé , Maximus (please don't get this name twisted because it has nothing to do with anything), as part of the preparation for their wedding.

Fr. Clifford, the Parish Priest, asked: "Innocentia, onye bu nwoke mbu?" (Meaning "who was the first man?)

Flustered, the young woman took a look at her fiancé and at Fr. Clifford and smiling sheepishly goes "Chai, Padre, otegokwanu"

The priest egged her on. I mean why won't a woman of her age not remember the first man? "Nne, amam na otego but you should be able to remember," Fr. Clifford said in amazement.

"Nwoke a ga araputakwanu mmadu," Innocentia muttered under her breath. At this time, Maximus has started getting confused, gradually. He moped at his fiancé and was like "what's so difficult here, biko. Nnaa lekwanu nwa mbeti a O! Father can I help her out," he volunteered.

"No. Let her answer it, please."

When she realized Fr. Clifford wasn't going to back down, she then said:

"Father, nwoke was...em...em...Da John, mgbe anyi bi na Asata Enugu!" Maximus almost had a cva!!!

"Oh dear me! Innocentia, I'm sorry but that wasn't what I meant. I mean, who was the first man God created?"

Haaaaaaaaaa! Trouble.

"Chai! Father, o bu Adam," poor Innocentia quickly said, feeling a bit relieved.

Ezigbote Adam.

I hold Fr. Clifford responsible for anything that happened to the wedding plans.
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