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Most of the people complaining upandan about Buhari, APC and the economy and wishing their Lord and personal savior had won the election or return via some weird divine epiphany are mainly those who moved from one PDP or FG activity/facility or the other making free money and living large. The rest are jobless, ignorant, confused people who have access to smart phones and some data.

They fought tooth and nail to prevent Buhari from coming to power else their ATM would be shut down. Some prayed to whatever gods they worship, and many are still praying in the forlorn hope that they'd wake up and it is all but a dream.

But alas, dreams die first! Their nemesis is here! Buhari is here! The conduits for siphoning public funds are securely blocked. No more easy money to be made. The era of fraudulent Customs waivers, which made some otherwise ordinary traders look like astute business men, are gone for good. Even the monies some of them scandalously stole are being scandalously recovery. There's absolutely nothing they can do about it except complain, wail, wail and wail!

They are everywhere and anywhere running down the government and criticizing everything and anything in sight. We know them. In fact, you can easily tell who they are. Many claim to be businessmen. Business, my foot! Many of them are so clueless, like their mentor, to tell me "we are paying you guys back in your own coins what you did to GEJ!" Who are "we"? And who are "you guys"? Eh?

Most definitely "we" are people united in frustration that things are not going well the way we knew it even if we are hiding behind a facade and "you guys" are folks who were extremely disgusted by the charade and impunity of the last government, the brazenness with which heists were carried out on the economy and the total helplessness of the masses. It's a battle of wits between "we" and "you guys".

See eh, let me tell you guys, if you think you and your master can push this country to the brink and then turn around to expect a miracle in 8 months, you guys are smoking newspapers!

Only God knows what would have happened if PDP/GEJ had returned to power and continued the lies which became culture and tradition. Whaaaaat!

And some otherwise educated folks are dying clinging to the the egregious narrative of "Hero of democracy", "Largest economy in Africa", "transformation" and all that bullshit. They can't even pretend to be outraged by the undenied and undeniable revelations of stolen public funds. As a matter of fact, they rise to the defense of anyone accused, even with his hand in the pot, of wrongdoing.

Honestly, I don't believe it. That we are now the way we are, where nothing annoys, surprises, embarrassed, outrages or even demoralizes us. Well, at least I know people I'll never support whenever they indicate interest in public office.

My consolation is that come 2019, those of us who believed firmly in Changing the government of PDP/GEJ will be glad we did. Even those who didn't believe, will be glad too. For I know for sure by then, the boogeyman of corruption and that of bad leadership would have been exorcised from Nigeria-to a very large extent-enough to support the quest for greatness.
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