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15 Times Shaq Made Things Look Really Small

Shaquille O’Neal, often known as Shaq is a larger than life person. No really, he stand at  7′ 1″. The only thing that is bigger than him is his personality. Shaq is full of chrisma and that has taken him a long way. He was a world class athlete, and a lot of other things. When you are as big as Shaq is the world look different. Mostly because he is always looking down. Standing next to him makes anyone look smaller than what they are. Here are some more things that look incredibly tiny compared to Shaq.

12 oz Can of Soda
In the film, Grown Ups 2, Shaq had the role of playing a fun loving police officer. His character was big and goofy. From the wig to the cop uniform that surprisingly came in his size, chapter was a great fit for this role. Being as big as he is the entire set probably looked like a miniature golf course to him. Here is a photo him holding a 12 oz soda, which looks like a prop from a doll house in his hand.

A tiger
Shaq is a marvel and not afraid of many things. Animals quiver in fear in his shadow. Just ask this tiger. For Shaq’s 34th birthday he went with the “Scarface” movie theme. He dressed like Scarface, he turned his house into a replication of Scarface’s mansion, and even rented a white tiger just like the one Scarface had when he got married in the movie. When Shaq posed on the red carpet with the tiger he made it look like a house cat on a string of rope.

A regulation sized basketball in Shaq’s hands is like a tennis ball. Shaq can palm a basketball with no problem, while shooting a free throw has always been a problem for Shaq. One of the reasons for his poor free throw percentage is due to his size. Being that his hands are beyond the average size shooting the ball is not as easy.

Other People
One of the reasons why Shaq was such a dominant player in the NBA was because of his size. He towered over most of the players on the court. He also towered over his ex wife and ex girlfriend, reality TV star Hoopz, who is only 5′ 2″. When fans want to take a picture with him they have to take a few extra steps back so he can be in the frame.

A Microphone
A lot of people don’t know that Shaq used to be a rapper. He is apart of a large group of athletes that have tried their hand in music. He had four studio albums and a handful of singles that made it to the charts. If you ever see Shaq perform he makes the stage look small. The microphone looks like a pedz dispenser in his hand.

A Gun 
Aside from being one of the best basketball players to play the game, Shaq also is in law enforcement. Shaq became a reserve officer for the LA Port Police. When he was traded to Miami he became a Miami Beach reserve officer. He even helped raid a home in Virginia. As an officer of the law Shaq does have a fire arm, but it looks more like a pea shooter in his hands. I doubt Shaq would have to use it anyway.

A Car 
Shaq has plenty of cars. All of them look like hot wheels toys when he stands next to them. Majority of Shaq’s cars like his Ferrari had to be customized with special seating so he could fit comfortably in the ride. He was a recently spokes person for Buick’s new luxury line of cars which seems to fit him better than other cars.

A Panda Cub
A bear is one of the biggest animals that humans commonly come in contact with. A full grown panda bear reaches six feet tall when standing on its hind legs. That means a panda bear is still a foot shorter than Shaq. A panda bear cub looks like a stuffed animal that you win at a carnival game. This panda cub must feel really out of place sitting on Shaq’s lap.

Conductors Baton
Shaq is a jack of all trades there isn’t anything he would not try to do. He even tried his hand at conducting an orchestra. In 2010 Shaq was chosen to conduct the Boston Pops Orchestra. He gladly excxepted. Shaq put on his tuxedo and grabbed the baton which looked like a toothpick in his hands. A conductor’s baton is not that big to begin with, but it comes with a lot of respect. Shaq makes it look like a toy.

Golf Clubs 
As great of a basketball player Shaq was, that athleticism did not translate over to the golf course. Shaq on the golf course is a sight to see. Hit a golf ball is almost the same as hitting a free throw for shaq. His extra long arms and legs forces him to adjust his posture in a weird way so he can hit the ball with those golf clubs. The clubs look miniature compared to him. Still, he can often be seen on the green practicing.

A Shrek Coffee  Mug
Although he is double the size of a normal person, Shaq is still human. Like most people, he needs his coffee to function and get through the day. Shaq likes to drink out of a Shrek coffee mug. To a regular person this is a regular size mug. To Shaq this just a little bigger than a shot. He may like the mug so much because him and Shrek resemble each other.

A Bottle of Gold Bond Lotion
Shaq is a spokesperson and is endorsed by many different brands. Who wouldn’t want a larger than life athlete promoting their product? One of those brands that Shaq promotes is Gold Bond. He can be seen on television commercials advertising creams and ointments. In this commercial he’s hold a bottle of lotion. The bottle is regular sized and would fit in a regular mans entire hand. Shaq only needs two fingers to hold it. That bottle would probably only cover one arm.

The Set of The Tonight Show
Everyone loves Shaq. He is constanly on television, whether as a sports analyst, on commercials or on talk shows. One time he was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and made the entire set look small. It was as if he was in a doll house instead of a television studio. On the show he talked about his new line of men’s fashion. Him and Jimmy traded suit jackets, which Jimmy joked about saying his jacket could be used to make the curtains.

The Podium at Justin Bieber’s Roast
This year Justin Bieber was the center of attention at his celebrity roast. Among the distinguished guest who roasted the young pop star was Shaq. No doubt he was the tallest person there, no one or nothing felt smaller than the podium which he stood at to tell his jokes. The podium was more like a stepping stool for Shaq. If he leaned on it any harder it might have broke.

A phone
Shaq is a business man and business men are constantly on their phones. The difference between Shaq and other business men is their phones don’t look like a piece of candy in their hands. There are a lot of different types of phones, some are bigger than others. I hope Shaq’s phone is big enough for him to use comfortably

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