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Ambo Has Seriously Ti De!

I must admit I'm one of those who didn't take Akinwunmi Ambode seriously when he was "selected" as the gubernatorial candidate for APC. I supported and voted him simply because I strongly believed (and still believe) in the continuity of the strategic and focused leadership of APC formerly ACN and formerly AD in Lagos State. 

So few months into his tenure, I was justifiably skeptical and seriously worried about what seemed like his slow pace. I must admit that, with benefit of hindsight, my criticism of his style was probably hasty and fairly unjust. I dare say I was put off, in the main, by his seeming ceaseless effort to undo or out do his predecessor, BRF, which resulted in the unfair comparisons of him and the genius (BRF).

Now, Ambode has completely proved me wrong, and he did so in less than one year! He's won himself a very strong admirer and advocate. And he must know that the best supporters are those who used to be against you! Remember St. Paul? He was Saul! Ighotago?

There are three things or four His Excellency has done that have disproved the thesis that he's less competent , a worse choice for Lagos and a poorer copy of Babatunde Fashola. On the contrary, Akinwunmi Ambode has proven that he is not Babatunde Fashola and that he can do as well, if not better than Fashola!

Take the Light Up Lagos Initiatives, for instance. Very laudable. Looking back, it seemed an impossibility during BRF's days to fix the street lights, but see how Ambode is killing it like he's helping his wife take off her bra! Ighotago such things? Good!

The other one is road construction. OMG! Without making any comparisons, Ambode is taking Fashola's achievements in this vital area to higher heights. Full stop! And the evidence abound, across the entire Lagos State.

The third thing is security. I sincerely didn't think he should have taken too long to engage this one, but when he did, it was world class! Even if crime still persists in Lagos, but when you see the men and the equipment he has put in place, you generally feel a sense of security. The recent rescue of the three girls kidnapped from a school in Ikorodu totally upped the ante. That got me right there! That got me. 

Then, there's the little matter, not really very little (what with so many lives confirmed lost) of the collapsed Lekki Garden building. The swiftness of the emergency response, the speed of investigation, the earnestness of the trial of those involved and the firmness of the Governor's action against the government officials who acted in dereliction of their duties make Ambode a no-nonsense leader, an action governor and a serious-minded leader. 

One may even be tempted to juxtapose his method or contradistinguish his actions against Fashola's when a worse case arose at the Synagogue of All Nations belonging to T. B. Joshua. Rather than act decisively against Joshua, Fashola (surprisingly) and President  Goodluck Jonathan (not surprisingly) rushed down in obeisance and genuflection to the controversial Prophet. With so many lives wasted! And not one official was punished, even as Joshua carried on as usual.

Lest I digress, I just want to call out Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode for commendation for rising to the occasion (specifically) with regard to the Lekki Garden Building tragedy and for generally proving Doubting Thomases wrong as to his leadership capabilities and indeed his ability to step into the shoes left behind by BRF and BAT before him. Certainly, there's great plenty yet to come from this son of a teacher, like me.

Well done, your excellency! Truly, Ambo has ti de! Ighotago?
Ambo Has Seriously Ti De! Ambo Has Seriously Ti De! Reviewed by Emeka Oparah on Wednesday, March 16, 2016 Rating: 5


  1. I totally agree with his present achievements...but like Oliver twist , we want more!

  2. We need to move up also on the cleanliness index, the roads are are just too dirty

    It will take a combination of efforts, cleaning up, education , enforcement & punishment.

  3. You've really nailed it all, ighotago definitely. Ambo has de


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