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Different types of Holy Spirit

Now, you don't have to believe this, but the person who told me this story swore by his father's grave and I know he loved and respects his father-even in death.

Ok. The story is that a woman, who has been looking for 'fruit of the womb" (as they say in these parts) was introduced to a Pentecostal Church, a popular one-in time past. And the pastor, who I'm told is notorious, started ministering to the woman, and indeed ministered to her.

Few months into attending this church and the fellowships with the pastor, the woman excitedly announced to her hubby that she missed her period. Miss gini? Chai! Her husband was either a mean morofoko or a good actor, but I think it's both because it wasn't longer than the next morning, very early morning, that he engaged his wife in a crucial, life-changing tete a tete.

Knowing he wasn't particularly gifted in "that department", if you get my meaning, Bros (and that's what they call men like him in Oyo) reminded his wife that when the Holy Spirit impregnated Virgin Mary in the Bible, he first took permission from Joseph, her carpenter husband. So he pled with her to kindly ask this particular "Holy Spirit" to come and obtain his permission even for the job he's already done. And if he didn't come, he warned, then he would most definitely go and meet the "Holy Spirit" by himself.

You may call this faction, that is an admixture of fact and fiction. The facts are clear and the fictitious aspects, you can tell.

What some pastors do eh? And where's the chap now, I mean the pastor? Snookered. The Holy Spirit, whom he sought to impersonate (and used to impregnate) dealt him a heavy blow. The woman? Hmmm...still living in Festac with "their" son, while the ex-husband prudently abandoned home to avoid committing murder and ending up in Kirikiri-just next door. 

Ihe n'eme!
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