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Happy Birthday to the other Zik of Africa

See eh, there are guys you have to accord maximum respek, not just nuff respek, and I will tell you why right here and now.

These guys are sharp, witty, exposed, widely travelled, circumspect, wise, reliable, Godly-as a matter of fact, they are top notch in every positive regard. Oseloka Zikora is one of the few I know and I'm blessed and privileged to be friends with.

I used to wonder why he's so calm and always smiling until I met his wife. Chai! The woman mara pieces. And I ain't just talking about the outward beauty, often induced by make up and body magic. No! I talk about that which radiates effortlessly from the inside out. So, like the Great Zik, this Zik is going to be around for a long time-because as Aristotle said, "if you marry a good wife, you'll live long, but if you marry a bad one, you'll become a philosopher."

Perhaps, for once, Aristotle got it slightly wrong because for my brother and friend, it is not either or, but both. BOGOF-Buy One Get One Free, that is!

At 52, he's got the fitness, agility of mind and youthfulness (never mind the premature grey plaguing young men of our time) of a 35-year-old. Ighotago? Then, he's got a startling depth of knowledge and sagacity, like a true philosopher King. Pick him up on any subject and he will leave you enriched at the end of the day. He is dependable, repeat dependable. He is one friend that I can leave my worries and my monies with and go to sleep with both eyes firmly shut.

I don't know how many international passports he's cancelled and how much air miles he packs, but this dude has travelled! Cheezos! Ajala!!!

Before I begin to expose him, beyond his tolerance, please join me to wish this gentleman, femme fatale, mobile encyclopedia and humanist a very blessed and wonderful birthday. I nearly forgot to say he's a teetotaler, which to me is one area I'm not happy with him, but Na him sabi. Me, I'll drink Hennessy on his behalf nabania!

God bless you, brother man.
Happy Birthday to the other Zik of Africa Happy Birthday to the other Zik of Africa Reviewed by Emeka Oparah on Saturday, March 05, 2016 Rating: 5

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