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Have your say @ #PMBIghotago?

It's been one year since Nigerians spoke, perhaps not with one voice, but to elect Muhammadu Buari, GCFR, as President and C-in-C.

Personally, and probably for several Nigerians, it was a dream come true, that after three unsuccessful attempts, PMB, then GMB, made it at the fourth. And this is basically a reflection of our trust in his integrity, discipline, work ethic and the need to move away quickly from the PDP/GEJ-led Federal Government.

Buhari's election came under the auspices of APC, a political party that's seen to be no different from the then ruling party, PDP. He rode on the crest of the mantra of CHANGE, and has, therefore, created a revolution of rising expectations since his inauguration.

#PMBIghotago? is my honest attempt to collate the views of my friends on how well or how badly he's performed and what they want changed quickly considering the high regards for and expectations of him.

So come Saturday, April 2, 2016, I want my Facebook friends to come my to wall for a two-hour session. No foul verbiage. No insults. Plain truth. Honest opinions. Reasoned suggestions. And I'll be on hand to moderate. Femi Adesina, PMB's spokesman, is on my friends list and ought to  be following, oughtn't he, and so the message we shall send via the smoke will get to heaven-if not instantly but definitely.

See y'all on Saturday! 

In the meantime, think through your comments. Ighotago?

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