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How my friend entered one chance on a flight to Abuja.

This story will either make you laugh or annoyed. It made me laugh, laugh for a prolonged period that a female colleague wondered whether everything was all right with me. Well, everything is all right with me, I told her, but to my guy, Livingstone, things are not all right at all.

Nnaa, checkigodu this story. 

My guy, Livingstone aka Okwutedindu, was flying to Abuja last week, and was gifted a pretty damsel as row-mate on the flight. The chic had arrived ahead of Livingstone and occupied his 19F window seat. Quite unlike his pugnacious nature, he calmly took the middle seat-and even when the lady volunteered to get up, he easily said "that's ok...that's ok. I'm cool". And this is a guy who will fight his wife for the window seat! Continue reading....

Bad boy, he had his plans already hatching in his evil mind, but the babe seemed more than prepared. She kicked off a conversation that saw them gisting all the way till they landed. The babe called off her driver on arrival and accepted his offer of a ride to town. He had to demonstrate he's a Bigger Boy! "Anytime, dear", said Livingstone, when Portia was thanking him for the ride, on getting to her apartment in Gwarimpa. 

Livingstone didn't need much persuasion to follow Portia up to her apartment and felt quite comfortable with the glass of juice he was offered. Things then began happening so quickly. Portia changed quickly into something lecherous and had my Bro at tenterhooks. You know that condition eh?

Portia asked whether he was in a hurry which he promptly denied. He mumbled such inanities like "no meeting is later in the evening...." By 6pm, Livingstone was sorted. Ighotago? Not even one but two helpings, and he was offered an opportunity to return much later in the evening to spend the night if he so wanted. And that's where complications set in.

Since he left the babe's house (last Monday) till I started writing this, he's not been able to even speak to her again much less see her. Having aborted all his engagements for the day, he had dashed to his hotel to freshen up and return to the babe's but he realized her phone was switched off. He left messages on her Whatsapp and they were unread till the next day, and unreplied till now.

He got a shocker, when he later got through to her and she asked whether he didn't think it was too late to call someone. He thought it was a joke. He dropped and called back, and the babe was harsher this time: "Bro, let's talk tomorrow abeg. I'm tired!" He sent more messages which were also unread.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until he left for the airport, he didn't get any positive response from the babe. Sometimes, she would pick the call and won't say a word...and my guy will be hearing the voices and sound of music in the background. By Thursday, she had ostensibly blocked him from her iPhone. He could no longer get through and still can't.

Hahahahahaha! The chic don use my guy dump am. Live! When I asked the mugu why he didn't go back to her house, he confessed he didn't even take note of the address or the street, but that if he gets to the house, he will recognize. 

Clown! How does he get to the house? Who will take him there? Emeka Oparah? Is this not once chance? Very bad one at that.

Now, what if the babe is Mammywater? Eh? Ukwu! Ukwu! Ukwu! A man who didn't go the way he came will live long. Now Livingstone doesn't know what to think. Thankfully, he said he used a condom. I hope he's saying the truth. Na waa. I thank God for my life, Biko.
How my friend entered one chance on a flight to Abuja. How my friend entered one chance on a flight to Abuja. Reviewed by Emeka Oparah on Thursday, March 03, 2016 Rating: 5

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