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In The Spirit Of Easter by Mike Ikem Umealo

If your church or mosque was shut down in Kaduna or Lagos or about to be shut down, it does not mean that your right to worship has been violated. No human being, regardless of their position in Nigeria- not even PMB- can stop you from worshiping anything or any being you want to worship as far as Nigeria is concerned today.

Rather, when your church or mosque was shut down, (or about to) it will only be a violation of your ASSUMED rights to constitute a nuisance to the constitutional rights of others by infringing upon their space.

There is no part of the 1999 constitution, as amended, that recognises your right to be a moron to others while worshiping any of the available gods. Your right to worship God or Allah or Amadioha are contained within your inalienable rights- meaning, you were born with those rights and the constitution merely protects those rights; the constitution CAN NOT take them away.

For example, my right to worship God, to read the Koran, to study the Torah, and to visit native doctors from time to time are so natural and not contingent upon human laws that no one, neither the government nor any of its representatives, will ever be able to stop me from doing any of these things.

And even if somehow they have towed the wrong path, and we have wrongly assessed them by submitting to the wisdom of our limited vision for tomorrow, in the spirit of Easter, they have obtained our forgiveness in advance to carry on with their work, just as Jesus forgave the thief on the cross.

So don't let anyone deceive you by telling you that the Mallam (El Rufai) in Kaduna or the action man in Lagos (Ambode) will die. They Shall NOT die! To pronounce death upon our fellow human beings is meticulous foolery because under God, there is neither a Jew nor a Christian nor a Muslim; if you are in doubt, be patient! Or don't you believe that the judgement day is fast approaching? Why worry?

But in case you are adamant and still want to pronounce death upon someone, please start with Boko Haram- let dem dieeeee na, abi?

Therefore, for the Mallam and Ambode, their God or Allah, whichever one they are paying tithe or Zakat to, will protect them. Amen and Amin. But the work of building a modern Nigeria must move forward. 

God bless. 
(MIU, March, 2016).
In The Spirit Of Easter by Mike Ikem Umealo In The Spirit Of Easter by Mike Ikem Umealo Reviewed by Emeka Oparah on Sunday, March 27, 2016 Rating: 5

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