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Promiscuous me?

See eh, Lara Wise is not a very nice person. Seriously. Take a listen to our conversation this morning:

Lara: Even to answer my call, Emeka! Na waa O!
Me: Lara, e joo, e ma binu. I was on a "controversial" call yesterday, which left me drained at the end of it. I simply didn't call you. I'm really sorry.
Lara: I know your type...!
Me: Huh? My type? How?
Lara: You're very promiscuous!
Me: Jesus! Promiscuous kwa?
Lara: Yes na! Were you not the one that once told us how your Uncle said Promiscuous means "promise and fail"!
Me: OMG! This Lara, eh! You got me there.
Lara: Yes na...when you'll come to Abuja and look for your friends and you won't even call me...then after you've come and gone you'll promise to see me when next you come.

Chai! Please make una follow me judge this matter? Am I really promiscuous, in the manner Lara meant and otherwise?

Don't say what you don't know O! Ighotago?
Promiscuous me?  Promiscuous me? Reviewed by Emeka Oparah on Thursday, March 03, 2016 Rating: 5

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