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Questions for God by Theresa Ugwuanyi

I am not gonna question God, but I just wanna ask some deep questions I don't have enough faith to just accept that it's God's will...

So right from the days of pharaoh and Moses, innocent children were killed due to pharaoh's stubbornness, then during the time Jesus was born, the ruler of the land king Herod after meeting the three wisemen from the east  gave orders that innocent children be killed just because he was afraid of a new born baby called Jesus. In our world today, crazy gun men take guns and go to schools and open fire on innocent school children. close to home Terrorists slaughter children even in their problem is not just in leadership is my issue..

And the ONE who has the power that is above all powers sits on the divine throne while children get killed by demons in human skin..why oh why??

My heart shrinks in size each time I see gruesome photos of INNOCENT children slaughtered like animals..but my problem is my inability to understand why God let it happen.. how do i understand this mystery?
Questions for God by Theresa Ugwuanyi Questions for God by Theresa Ugwuanyi Reviewed by Emeka Oparah on Wednesday, March 09, 2016 Rating: 5

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  1. We are responsible for our actions. We have free choice to do the right or wrong thing. God also bestowed us with intelligence, which is more than adequate to resolve all our ills. We instead use our ingenuity in large parts to destroy each other. We are to blame.


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