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Sad about the Ocholis; sad about us!


This is really, really tragic. Very sad indeed. Only a miracle could have saved even a fly from the vehicle in which the Ocholis perished. It's like the aftermath of a bomb. I can't even post the ghastly image of the wreckage. No. I won't.

See ehn, I was on this same Abuja-Kaduna road recently. It's not a very good road, but it's also not terribly bad. So, it must have taken absolute recklessness for this to happen. And there were quite a few reckless drivers we encountered as we travelled, mostly siren-wailing convoys.

By the way, who drove this car? The late Honorable Minister or his driver? Was there an Orderly in the front passenger seat, as is traditional? Everyone seems to have forgotten them or did they survive the accident? Was the driver sleeping and speeding? What happened?

This is very sad; very ghastly. May be this is no longer relevant but one would want to know whether the Minister and his family were sleeping and left the driver to do (drive) as he liked. I suppose the living will have to respond to this, because whenever I'm being driven (often, I drive myself!), I not only wear my seatbelt but I control the driver from behind. If I'm alone with the driver, I'll never sleep on a journey. And if there's someone else, then we alternate, if at all. At least we should take every necessary precaution before we leave the rest of the journey in the hands of almighty God.

For those who believe in pre-destination, nothing could have saved the Ocholis yesterday, but some of us also believe that more careful driving combined with other safety measures would have saved the day and saved the family and indeed Nigerians this needless agony. What a waste!

May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace and may His light perpetual shine upon them. Amen.

As for the living, would we ever learn? In less than 24 hours, many will resume their silly careers in dangerous driving. We drive SUVs in Nigeria like they are cars! And so many lives have been lost in the stupid habit. I remember Gen. Abdulkareem Adisa. I remember Gen. Kupolati. I remember Mr. Rufus Giwa. I remember Ubani Chima. The list is endless. When good cars collide, so to say, with bad roads and careless drivers, what you get, and this is most of the time, are accidents and the consequent loss of lives and the attendant agony that befalls families and friends.

May be not a very good time to sermonize, but when is a good time? Soon we will forget and carry on with business, reckless driving, as usual. May God help us, but remember heaven helps those who help themselves. Again, the government should hasten to fix the major roads across the country to save us these heart-breaking losses.
Sad about the Ocholis; sad about us! Sad about the Ocholis; sad about us! Reviewed by Emeka Oparah on Monday, March 07, 2016 Rating: 5

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