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A new thinking across the Niger....

Most if not all of the SUVs distribute to Yoruba Obas (alongside cash in $) were bought by Igbo businessmen and politicians. They collected the damn gifts and let their people vote their conscience.

Meanwhile, I'm not sure any traditional ruler of South East extraction received any car much less $250k. Besides, the roads were not fixed as promised. 2nd Niger Bridge was a ruse. Our three airports are still "mere" airstrips in the strict sense of the word. PH Airport has been abandoned!

And the people have been manipulated to see every Yoruba person as a traitor and every  Hausa/Fulani person as Boko Haram or Herdsman. Meanwhile, the high and mighty among us wine and dine and do business with the same Yorubas and Hausa/Fulanis but tell us something else. The same people are using IPOB to obfuscate our reasoning.

Ndigbo, please let's wake up O! Igbo youths, rise above the challenge of victim mentality, ethnicity and religious bigotry-and go for what's rightfully ours. This country belongs to all of us, and nobody can discourage or intimidate us. NOBODY!!!

The time has come to shake off the herd mentality and ignore those who want us to remain poor and obeisant to them forever. Their children have the best jobs; they get juicy contacts; they share of the Armsgate; they party and hobnob with the so called enemies. Yet they lie to us! Yes, they lie to us.

Onye mere gi ihe, megwara ya; ma obu onye  ulo ma obu onye mba! Unu aghotago! Ujo atukwala unu. Stop sheepishly following our selfish brothers and sisters, who go to government for themselves and their families; then come home to build small, small things to win even further genuflection and adulation from us. Most of them hunt with the lion and run with the hare. They wear two or more faces, one for the day time and the others for the night depending on where they are at the moment.

Let's not play ourselves out of the game. We do NOT have to put our eggs in one basket. We must remain relevant and highly regarded regardless of the government in power or who lives in Aso Rock. A new vision for Ndigbo must emerge. But we must be very vigilant to be sure of those who claim to champion our cause.

Ihe mere anyi mbu agaghi eme anyi ozo. Ighotago?
A new thinking across the Niger.... A new thinking across the Niger.... Reviewed by Emeka Oparah on Friday, May 06, 2016 Rating: 5

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