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Have you searched yourself?

I saw a post somewhere and the theme was the purported unwillingness of the old people to make way for the "willing" young people, and I had quite a few things to say. Take a listen.😀😀

Before you complain, ask yourself, how much education and exposure did these men have and who were their parents? But they've risen to the top of the game, while some of your generation are busy drinking, smoking, chasing women and generally complaining about the elders. 

What have you done in life to warrant you a pride of place? List the risks you have taken in life compared to the so called "old men". What extra effort have you made in life? What have you done differently to make you expect to be noticed, recognized and rewarded? If you have your whole lifetime all over again, what would you stop doing and what would you start doing? 

You think you're better than the folks currently in power? You believe you have what it takes to take over from them? Then, go for it. Power is taken, most of the time, not given. You have to know what you want and take steps with reasonable preparations (mindful of the consequences of failure and success) to accomplish it. 

Even in families, not many fathers are like mine-who made me lead our family meetings as soon as I entered university and sought my opinion (and almost always used them) each time he was faced with an important decision. According to him, I was much younger, intelligent, smart but more in tune with the times, even if I had little or no experience. Can your father say such about you too?  More importantly, can you say so of yourself? 

Are you ready to lead or are you just blowing hot air? It's all too easy to want all the old people including Buhari, OBJ, Anenih, your father and everybody's old man to die so you can take over, but can you really take the reins-even when given? Ask yourself...tell me, are you ready?

Well, brothers and sisters, it's all in your hands. Ighotago?
Have you searched yourself? Have you searched yourself? Reviewed by Emeka Oparah on Tuesday, May 17, 2016 Rating: 5

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