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O seti go!

Some of the people we held in high esteem, including the sanctimonious and most vociferous against CHANGE are going to be outed over the next 2-4 weeks for taking part in the looting and sharing of our Commomwealth.

Watch out for their names and how much they collected. Some have escaped, but they'll be repatriated. Still wondering why Buhari became the new Johnnie Walker? You must be kidding me!

As for  those who defend them and those who will keep defending them, shame on you for defending evil, even when you got nothing!!! Mumurism is a bad disease.

The convictions will be a matter of time. Light will always overshadow darkness! Ighotago?
O seti go! O seti go! Reviewed by Emeka Oparah on Friday, May 06, 2016 Rating: 5

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