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On Fulani Herdsmen By Emeka Anthony Opah

"These unfortunate criminal activities by isolated criminal gangs using cattle rearing as their shield is playing perfectly to the script of anti buharists. He is fulani, he is patron of miyetti allah cattle rearers, and so he must be complicit in these killings. Far from it. 

This is just another phenomenon emerging in our national crime diary,  the other day it was militancy, kidnapping, today it is boko haram and cattle rustling, cattle stealing and herdsmen beheading and sacking communities. Let's situate these things, the are crimes and should be handled by bodies constitutionally designed to do so. 

Truth be told, a world press conference addressed by Buhari will not stop this, it didn't stop pipeline vandalism and the killings in Rivers state neither did it stop boko haram. It is only a well articulated security plan by the experts that will battle this. So people ease up on Buhari with your hates. 

Conflicts between herdsmen and communities didnt start today. I feel for the people of Nimbo, I feel for all concerned in agatu and the bereaved every where. But please haters do not lace your hate for Buhari with this, it is a dangerous mix that can consume us all."
On Fulani Herdsmen By Emeka Anthony Opah  On Fulani Herdsmen By Emeka Anthony Opah Reviewed by Emeka Oparah on Sunday, May 01, 2016 Rating: 5

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