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Season's no reason to change...!

I'm seriously losing regard for-and reconsidering my relationship with-certain people who no longer call evil by its name all because they hate Buhari or hate APC or hate both. I am disgusted by the way people mount the podium to shout "witch hunt" when a common criminal is apprehended. 

By the way, why do you hate? Why? One said, "Emeka, but you hated Jonathan!" No! I didn't hate Jonathan, but I hated his style of leadership, and justifiably so, because he not only didn't know the power he had as president, he appeared overwhelmed by the demands of the job and lacked the courage to reign in his rapacious acolytes. Now, haven't I been vindicated? 

It's such a shame, a HUGE SHAME, when someone you know or claim to know has stolen and admitted so and even making refunds, and yet you elect to castigate the process or the people who got him to own up and make recompense. Such a massive shame, if not diabolical. 

You really never know with people until times like this and others. I'm truly really disappointed in some otherwise "good friends" (they all know themselves! And it gives me an inkling to what these people can do to me, Emeka Oparah, if I find myself on their other side. Yes. It does, very much so.

It's scary when our values are based on political, ethnic or religious predilections. And these folks involved are people you've known almost all your life; some you grew up with. Scary! Very scary!

As the Gap Band sang back in the day, "season's no reason to change"! Let's not allow ourselves to be swung around on the pendulum of societal frivolities. By the way, the fact that someone is bad shouldn't make us want to be bad. It shouldn't. Ighotago?
Season's no reason to change...! Season's no reason to change...! Reviewed by Emeka Oparah on Tuesday, May 10, 2016 Rating: 5

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