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Useful tips for rising to the top.

(You don't have to take my word for it)

Perhaps, after the grace of God and good education (knowledge and skills), the most important attribute that will see you to the top is a good network.

If you don't have, start building one today. Or you will watch your peers and friends (and even enemies) pass you to the top. And soon you'll start complaining that you called your classmates or former colleagues and they didn't take your calls. Why not, when you only call them when you need them (something)!

Get social. Start remembering birthdays. Start attending birthdays, weddings and funerals. Start calling your friends, former colleagues and classmates/course mates. Do you attend Alumni and Old Boys/Girls meetings? You better make the time. Even at the political leadership level anywhere in the world, people feel comfortable with those they schooled or worked with. At least they can vouch for their competence and integrity (reasonably).

Guess what? If someone asks me to help with finding someone for a position, my recommendation will come quite naturally from my pool of "competent contacts". It's only when I can't find any in that pool that I will call for help. Even so, I'll call a friend.

One of the things my father told me when I joined Cadbury and went to show him my first salary for blessing: "Emeka, please when you get back to work, I want you to focus on earning the respect of your colleagues and bosses and not their likeness. If they respect you, chances are that most of them will like you, after all."

I took his words like they were from the Holy Grail. They worked and still work.

Now, when people respect you, they will always, always recommend you to others. People are happy to be recognized for recommending a good person. It has happened to me several times. I have also recommended people based on this. As a matter of fact, I once told someone looking for a sharp Marketing Executive to hire XYZ because "even if he's a bit rude, he is one of the best and will bring you results. You can work on his attitude."

One more thing the old man told me, which is relevant to getting to the top was that I should deliberately make more older, senior friends than peers and below. According to him, it tends to challenge and motivate people to develop and aspire. There's so much wisdom and experience one can get from hanging around older and senior friends. When with them, I listen more and talk only when encouraged. They love to download. Just plug your "flash drive" and copy wisdom and knowledge to your "hard disk".

There you have it. I was inspired to share this today. You may wish to share too.
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