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Oby: Pride of womanhood!!!

Looking at this picture, words fail me to express what I feel about Obiageli Oby Ezekwesili. From when we met about 25 years ago, when she was the GM of a Finance House on Allied Bank Building, Marina, Lagos, Nigeria, I knew she was a blessing to her family, to her friends, to Nigeria, to the world, to womanhood-and a blessing to me. An intensely brilliant woman, she exuded so much knowledge, wisdom and passion and all these attributes have remained unflagging over the years-even as she rose to the top perch of life.

Wife of Pastor Chiedu, mother of four grown  up children, former Minister, former head of Due Diligence and erstwhile World Bank MD for Africa, she's an accomplished woman by every and any standard. Not many know she was on the global  board of Bharti-Airtel, and that, my friend, certainly was solely based on merit. I'm aware of numerous other global organizations she's served and some she's still serving at advisory level-on account of her knowledge, broad network of contacts, experience, sagacity, leadership qualities and passion.

Oby does not need attention because she has a surfeit of public speaking opportunities locally and internationally to keep her in the news, and earn her goodwill and good income. She's involved in the Bring Back Our Girls campaign altruistically as a concerned mother, a concerned Nigerian, who feels any of those girls could have been her daughter or sister.

I know many, especially the morally bankrupt and ethnic bigots of a particular extraction, still doubt the veracity of Chibok Girls. They see it, shamelessly, as a scam while they scandalously applaud those who scammed Nigeria and Nigerians in the name of leadership. Well, for such people, I've got bad news: Oby and other great minds have decided to make time, in between their personal engagements, to continue to keep the fire burning until those girls are brought back safely. It's a principled effort and not a popularity campaign, because the lives of innocent young people are at great risk.

So, those who denigrate the BBOG campaign and malign Oby for "seeking attention and looking for political appointment" are not only immoral and ignorant but suffer from mental slavery and a malignant strain of crass nincompoopism. Oby doesn't need the job! I can tell you that for free.

She's doing what every woman in Nigeria should be doing and every woman should actually be proud of her. I'm not a woman, in case you forget, but I'm proud of her and also proud of her personality, proud of her accomplishments and proud to call her my friend and my sister. Her name still rings a bell and opens doors at the Kennedy School of Government in Harvard and such other rarefied circuits across the world. A recommendation from her will get you anywhere, except, perhaps, heaven-which certainly is a personal choice and will remain so ad infinitum.

You know why the BBOG is alive and attracting global attention? It's because of Oby's involvement. It's not because of those who have gone to Nigerian Ports or waiting to be appointed to one government position or another. It is because notable personalities, who have interacted with her at the highest levels of global engagements, respect her view, respect her personality, and, therefore, respect her involvement in the cause.

Oby has earned her stripes in life. I hope parents are equipping their children, their daughters, to grow into brilliant, indomitable, reputable and respected leaders like her-and not just fine women, moms and wives. My daughter sure has a role model here!!!

BTW, I like the way the Mobile Policemen formed a decent cordon behind her. Notice they appear to have been carefully selected for the task-considering their physical build, their neat uniform and their comportment.
Oby: Pride of womanhood!!! Oby: Pride of womanhood!!! Reviewed by Emeka Oparah on Wednesday, August 31, 2016 Rating: 5

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