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Between economic saboteurs and genuine critics

I've just seen one of those pieces of crap now traditionally tweeted by Sen. Ben Bruce, and of course the comments by his army of hungry, simple-minded followers. I was considering a retort when I ran into the shameful image above on Oladapo Kolawole's wall. I copied it and my comment there too because I think it deserves more than a passing comment from me.

It's not just Sen. Bruce telling us unintelligible stuff about how Buhari's anti-corruption war is scaring away investors, but see how some economic saboteurs are destroying the naira and strengthening the dollar. 

These are people going around bad-mouthing the government and sabotaging every effort to salvage the naira. When I hear some folks criticize this government and how it's managing the economy I shudder at their foolishness. 

Why would anybody make school uniforms abroad? Just imagine the cost of forex, the loss of direct and indirect employment etc. Nigeria isn't really sick; the people are. And why would an investor, who's not criminally minded run away knowing full well his investment is safe and his effort wouldn't be hampered by activities of corrupt government officials and even staff? 

Ethelberts Clothing was established not just to make stylish Nigerian outfits for Nigerians and everybody, it was also set up to create employment for our youths. And yes, we can make school uniforms. Making such items of clothing locally, with Ethelberts or Bevoli Tailors or any other tailoring outfit in Nigeria, will boost the domestic economy in many ways.

But here, rich parents pay a fortune to have their kids attend silly schools where they wear Made in UK and Made in Dubai uniforms at the detriment of their struggling home economy! Yet they'll open their mouths to spew gibberish about Buhari, the economy and all. Evil people!
Between economic saboteurs and genuine critics Between economic saboteurs and genuine critics Reviewed by Emeka Oparah on Saturday, September 24, 2016 Rating: 5

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