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Between Pastor Wike and Gov. Kumuyi

That religion is the opium of the people is no longer a subject of any debates. That religion has caused so much havoc around the world is, of course, not in any doubt. That religion should be separated from the state is still a subject of great debates and contentions and the more sensible position is to keep the two apart. So, when you read a report, an authenticated report, that the governor of one of the most troubled states in Nigeria has pledged to partner with a religious group to host monthly crusade, you must get extremely distraught. That's what happened to me and that's why I'm writing.

I think it is ludicrous and a clear manifestation of lack of appreciation of the serious responsibilities at hand for Pastor, nay Gov. Nyesom Wike to even moot the idea of investing the state's resources-in these hard times-in a partnership with the Deeper Life Church. 

The ever controversial Governor, one would expect, should rather have focused on investing the dwindling resources of the volatile state in more auspicious projects like security, fixing the roads and building cottage industries to provide employment for the characteristically restive youths of the state.

If the thought and the plan are ludicrous, the objectives are even more ludicrous. Hear him: "Investing in the spiritual growth of the state is important for the overall development of the state."  He further said: "No man can provide security other than God. Only God can move this state forward. We have worked hard and we seek God’s grace to consolidate  our efforts.” Now, that is totally gross! In 2016, a Governor, a solicitor and advocate of the Supreme Court and a former Minister of Education is saying this? Then, River State is well and truly snookered. Let's not even bother about his diatribe over his preference for hosting the Double Portion Deeper Life Crusade to hosting the international match between Nigeria and Tanzania. That's a joke.

As for Pastor William Kumuyi, one of the few, very few, men of God I have respect and admiration for, I hope you will decline this silly offer upon further reflection. This is definitely not your kind of thing, except and unless age is beginning to take a toll or you've gone the way of most so called Nigerian men of God. 

Please turn this offer down, Daddy. Turning it down doesn't mean you will discontinue praying for the government and people of River State, many of who, I reckon, are already members of your church and, therefore, rely upon your spiritual intercession for their lives to make meaning and so on.

Now, who has done this to Nigeria and Nigerians? If we are not offering discriminatory exchange rates to pilgrims, we are investing state resources sponsoring religious crusades or we are leading a band of cronies and dubious praise-singers on pilgrimages to holy lands at the expense of the state. This has got to stop! Unfortunately, most of those who should raise their voices against these foolish acts are either in bed with the politicians or are themselves trapped in the darkness called religion. 

We seem to be so religious in Nigeria that we no longer know God. How so sad! 
Between Pastor Wike and Gov. Kumuyi Between Pastor Wike and Gov. Kumuyi Reviewed by Emeka Oparah on Wednesday, September 07, 2016 Rating: 5


  1. "We seem to be so religious in Nigeria that we no longer know God. How so sad,!".
    This classic quote Captures it all Bro

  2. "We seem to be so religious in Nigeria that we no longer know God. How so sad,!".
    This classic quote Captures it all Bro


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