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The Youths and the Future of Nigeria

Nigerian youths are angry. Justifiably so. And, don’t get me wrong; it is not necessarily because of what President Buhari said yesterday at the Commomwealth or what he didn’t say. The youths are angry because their future, at the moment, appears uncertain, unclear, bleak, badly compromised and obviously mortgaged. These “crimes” have been systematically perpetrated by their forebears, particularly those in politics and government, who have egocentrically ruined the country and figuratively faced the economic wagon in reverse while the rest of the world drove in opposite direction.

The youths, however, have a chance to take their future into their own hands. They can change the narrative and stop the nonsense if they can organize themselves and make a vow to seek and create the change they really desperately need.

Looking at the numbers, I don’t see how they cannot do it. Out of 185m Nigerians, about 60% are under 30 say some guesstimated statistics. In real terms, it means out of 10 Nigerians, 6 are youths! Given an error of margin of less than 2%, this demographic can make things happen-I mean change things definitively and comprehensively.

As 2019 elections beckon, and we have three young smart men namely Kingsley Moghalu, Omoyele Sowore and Fela Durotoye gunning to become President, the question now is: can Nigerian youths take up the challenge to retire the old politicians by registering to vote and actually coming out to vote for one of these three qualified gentlemen?

Can the youths endure the lure of filthy lucre, which the professional politicians always use to manipulate them? Can they deny themselves of the temporary relief of lowly political nondescript appointments they are often promised?

Can they stop dissing their own and looking for political “track records” and experience? Can they stop falling for the divisive and manipulative antics of the old foxy politicians who keep them permanently engaged in divisive, unproductive and meaningless debates?

Finally, can they take their destinies in their own hands by taking the responsibility for electing the new set of senators, governors, National and State Assembly members and indeed the president?

These are the questions the youths of Nigeria must answer in May 2019, which is barely 12 months away. They will have themselves, and themselves alone, to blame-if things remain the way they are today.

If the youths of Nigeria are really, truly sad and mad about the way things are and where things seem to be headed, now is the time to say ENOUGH!!!

Addendum: Lest I forget, the presidential election of Nigeria, like any other election anywhere in the world is akin to a beauty pageant show. Only one of the beautiful girls who pick up the forms and participate will emerge Most Beautiful Girl. Now, that doesn’t mean she’s really the most beautiful girl in the strictest terms of the word, but she’s the one who took part in the pageant.

 So, for those who have an issue or issues with the candidacy of Sowore or Moghalu or Durotoye, the news is that they are the ones who have thrown their hats (or hearts) in the ring.  Your “favorites” are not in the race, unfortunately, and may never be. Cram this!!!
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